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Active for our climate.

With sustainable solutions

Building and running buildings the cause for around 40 % of greenhouse gas emissions in Germany. Construction activities generate 60 % of the waste stream. And it is feared that CO2 emissions from the building sector could double or even triple by 2050. If we don’t act. If the fight against climate change is to be successful, these figures must be significantly reduced. A challenge that we at herotec are committed to. We’re not just talking about sustainability. We have solutions that are an effective contribution to achieving environmental goals in terms of climate protection.


Claws out –

We take responsibility because we want to slow down climate change. With sustainable technologies and innovative system solutions that are not only durable but also cost-effective. Because they reduce resource consumption and costs. As a center of excellence for surface heating, we are an initiator for change. We are leaving the old paths to create new ones. Active for our climate.

Strengthening environmental protection.
Reduction of waste streams.
Slowing down climate change.

Environmental protection through

circular economy


Acting sustainably, taking responsibility, and giving the construction industry new impetus on the path to a comprehensive circular economy: herotec stands for dry construction products of high durability that fulfil their purpose age-resistantly over generations. Because the crimp technique works mechanically and without adhesives, the elements used can be 100 % recycled.

Focus: Environmental Goals

Resource-friendly solutions

Real alternatives: Crimp technology reduces building materials, enabling the use of ecologically sound and renewable insulation materials such as wood fibers or straw - durable for generations.

Protecting the environment

Excellent building biology: The absence of environmentally harmful adhesives, reduced consumption of screed, and comprehensive recycling comply to a high degree with legal requirements.

Clean separation of resources

Environmentally friendly solution: All product components can be separated and each resource stays unblended.

Avoiding construction waste

Active against waste: The building materials used can be completely recycled.

Climate protection through

CO2 reduction


The goal is clearly stated:
The government demands more and more CO2 reduction from businesses and citizens. The requirements for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in all areas have become and are becoming increasingly stringent. This is a challenge that herotec is facing with new thinking and new technologies, providing sustainable solutions that help to slow down climate change.

Active climate protection
through innovative technologies.

Climate protection is becoming law: by 2030, CO2 emissions must be reduced by 50 %. As a pioneer and innovator in the industry, herotec is already far ahead. Our solutions already exceed the future goal.

Efficient and ecological

Sustainable, ecological, and future-oriented: with tempusDRY NATURE, herotec uses a product that utilizes the rapidly renewable resource of straw in the form of fiber panels as an ideal carrier material for surface heating elements. With the new mechanical crimp connection technology, we have developed a CO2-reduced solution in the drywall construction sector for surface heating systems that completely dispenses with the use of adhesives. As a result, the system can be 100 % recycled.


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Thinking sustainably, acting sustainably

We think about the future - and that’s why we are thinking sustainably. The severe climate and environmental problems are global, but the solution begins at our own doorstep. Only by acting locally in a responsible way, can our ecosystem remain healthy in the long run. We develop new products, innovative ideas - and always keep the environmental consequences in mind. We not only think sustainably, we also act sustainably.