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Safe fire protection

for hot solutions

System solutions for fire protection



The standard variant with environmental and fire protection properties is manufactured from a mineral fibre insulation material. The surface covering is suitable for stapling and is quilted to the sub-material. The top surface is printed with a 50 mm installation grid, for easier pipe laying. Fire protection, insulation and sustainability are thus combined in the simplest way.

  • Free from fire-retardant additives
  • Enhanced impact sound insulation in the floor
  • Load capacity up to 20 kN/m²
  • Recyclable building materials
  • Staples or clip rail track
Exemplary illustration of a floor structure


The basic material of the ready to install thermal and impact sound insulation consists of an non-combustible sustainable mineral fibre insulant. Even the tear-resistant top layer that is impervious to screed-mixing water can withstand temperatures up to 500°C. The whole floor construction is therefore 100% non-combustible!

  • 100% non-combustible
  • Impervious to screed mixing water
  • Load capacity up to 20 kN/m² depending on the type
  • Ecological: no toxic pollutants
  • Recyclable building materials
Exemplary illustration of a floor structure
tempusROCK TBS

tempusDRY ROCK 30-16 AB

The floor-laying installation solution consists of a compression-resistant mineral wool slab with thermal and impact sound insulation properties. Factory-milled grooves lined with sheet steel or aluminium make pipe installation considerably easier. The load distribution layer can be formed in dry construction or with screeds in accordance with DIN 18560 as well as with filler compounds.

  • Pleasant heat distribution in the floor
  • Ideal for renovation and new builds
  • Floor build-up heights from 44 mm (filler compound), 55 mm (dry screed) possible
  • Fireproof without smoke development
  • Thermal and impact sound insulation in one
Exemplary illustration of a floor structure

Mineral-based material – a safe alternative

No combustible materials

This material is non-combustible and therefore requires no additional flame retardant additives.

No smoke development

The basic material meets the requirements of building material class A1. That means: “no smoke development” and “no flaming droplets or particles”.

Safe and sustainable

tempusROCK enables a sustainable and fire-resilient floor build-up for underfloor heating.

DIN EN 13162 Ready-to-install thermal and impact sound insulation board for buildings made from compression-resistant, non-combustible mineral wool.

DIN 18560 / DIN EN 1264 Composite board with a tear-resistant and waterproof composite film, with 50 mm spacing printed installation grid, multiple and double-sided film overlap for the installation of a standard-compliant surface heating of type A under screed mortars / compounds on insulating layers.

Our service management for you


Customer-focussed and from a single source

Your heated floor is our job! At herotec we can provide comprehensive advice as to which floor construction is the right one for you. Overcoming hurdles such as low installation height or difficult subsoil conditions are just part of our everyday business. With our heated floor technicians you get a partner on hand who understands his craft and will guide you to your individual surface heating system.


The latest planning tools for your heating comfort

Detailed planning is essential for an individual heated floor solution with an efficient mode of operation. This is where we make use of our modern digital herotec planning tools, which result in a comfortable surface heating system. Dead legs / dead end pipes or missing drawings for future building operations are now a thing of the past.


Installation of the entire surface construction by qualified specialists

The installation of a surface heating system must be precisely adapted to the site conditions and must conform to the design specifications – otherwise later problems are inevitable. For this reason, we only use qualified and trained technicians who proceed according to the current state of the art. This is how we ensure that you will also get the comfort you required.