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Surface heating

System solutions

Ecological, future-proof, and optimally networked: in the form of our Company, building contractors, planners and industrial organizations have a partner at their side that has a perfect grasp of the subject of surface heating in all its facets. Innovative products, open transfer of know-how and forward-looking strategies are a secure basis for stable partnerships. Working together, excellently-equipped, and with a significant edge in expertise, we can safely face the future. As part of a network that puts trust first, and offers real value-added. Strong products, top quality, solution-oriented action and many years of experience - this is how we move forward and confidently break new ground. Ready to face up to the future.

Herotec innovations

Innovative heated floors

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Success through innovation

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A selection of our products


Reduced screed consumption.
Without heat-conducting lamellae.
Clean separation of resources.


tempusNEXT is the ideal system component for a sustainable and CO2-optimized surface heating.

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Everyone’s talking about sustainability; we’re doing it. With increasing demanding for better environmental credentials from underfloor heating systems, we have the answer: tempusDRY NATURE. With tempusDRY NATURE, we have developed a carbon-neutral solution for underfloor, wall and ceiling heating which combines sustainability and our lust for innovation. The result is a 100% recyclable, carbon neutral straw fibreboard panel

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tempus2FIX offers free choice in pipe installation: using the hook-and-loop fastener technique or stapler technique. Anything is possible. . . absolutely secure. The tempus2FIX top layer is not only very thin, but also extremely tear-resistant. Laminated on EPS or stitched on mineral wool. With printed installation grid (50 mm). The result: maximum variability, maximum fastening reliability. And double stocking is a thing of the past!

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herotec provides the complete spectrum of tailored solutions from a single source for new build and renovation projects, both as water-based and electrical underfloor heating systems. For use under ceramic tiles, engineered hardwood and laminate flooring as well as heated screeds – Made in Germany.

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With this solution, you can quickly and easily lay a hook and loop surface over insulation installed on site by others. The synthetic fibre matting, which is only 2 mm thick, is bonded to the substrate by the adhesive applied on the back. The hook and loop fastener tubes from the herotec range can then be fixed in place by one person working alone.

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herotec: Your partner for solutions that are sustainable over the long term

Markets change, technical progress is rapid. We face up to the challenges involved. With an early awareness of future developments in the sector. With close partnerships and a strategic approach. And in the form of the new electrical heating segment with which we are innovatively expanding the Company’s product range. We are not just waiting for the the future, we are actively shaping it, too. Working together with our partners, we are opening up sound future prospects - on an equal footing. Our receiving the Green Product Award 2021 proves the point: we are moving in the right direction.

Always one step ahead for over 40 years

A manufacturing company should never concentrate exclusively on their own products, but also keep an eye open on the overall market and its needs. At herotec we have heeded this advice for decades! Very often there is a demand in the newbuild or renovation / modernisation sectors for innovations that no one had thought of before. One of these is our heated floor partner concept: the complete floor, including the heating comfort of the end user from a single source –one solution, one interface. We take care of it!

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