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The best of both worlds.

Our flexible system concept offers different variations:

Innovative: staple or hook-and-loop fastener - both are possible with tempus2FIX
Combined: the synthetic fibre top layer is laminated to EPS or stitched to mineral wool.
Flexible: huge variability in processing, reliability in the fastening technique.
Practicel: double stocking is a thing of the past.
tried-and-tested: with the properties of the tempusFLAT KLETT family.
Simple: perfect installation with almost any hook-and-loop fastener pipe.

The facts

tempus2FIX has a very thin top layer, which is printed with an installation grid (50 mm).
tempus2FIX is doubly practical: the pipes can be attached using a hook-and-loop fastener or staple technique.
tempus2FIX offers the tradesman the maximum variability and reliability.
tempus2FIX saves plenty of space: double stocking is a thing of the past.
tempus2FIX top layer is not only very thin, but also extremely tear-resistant.
tempus2FIX is innovative, sustainable, efficient, and quick and easy to process.


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No trouble with the neighbours

The materials are optimally designed to absorb footfall sound.


No extra outlay

The basic materials are sufficient to a good improvement in footfall sound - depending on the chosen product and the load distribution layer.


Simple and clean

The board or roll dimension allows for quick and uncomplicated laying.


The choice is yours

Variant with mineral wool

The basis is a non-combustible, environmentally-friendly mineral fibre insulation material. Pipe installation made easy: the synthetic fibre top layer is printed with an installation grid (50 mm). The perfect combination of fire protection, thermal and footfall sound insulation, ecology and ease of installation.

  • Base material non-flammable
  • Load capacity up to 20 kN/m² depending on the type
  • Ecological: no toxic pollutants
  • In combination with split fill, ideal for timber construction
  • System elements free to choose 15 mm – 35 mm
tempus2FIX with mineral wool

Variant with EPS

The EPS system panels are easy to install and suitable for various substrates such as wood and concrete. An up to 35* dB footfall sound improvement can be achieved with minimum effort. The thin synthetic fibre top layer also has a strong hook-and-loop fastener effect.

  • Up to 35* dB footfall sound improvement possible
  • Installation heights possible from 60 mm
  • Ideal for refurbishment and new builds
  • Shorter installation times
  • System elements free to choose 15 mm – 60 mm

* according to DIN 4109-34 with 60 mm EPS and 160 kg/m² area-related mass of the screed plate

tempus2FIX with EPS