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Sustainable solutions

for a healthy environment

System solutions for sustainability

tempusGREEN 30-16 AB HF

tempusDRY GREEN 30-16

A sustainable construction method can be realised with these wood-fibre boards. The pipes are laid into the milled grooves in a serpentine pattern with a spacing of 125 mm, using aluminium heat fins. The product can be installed as a floor, wall or ceiling system.

  • Harmless in terms of building biology
  • Optimal heat distribution
  • Recyclable materials
  • Pipe fixing without tools
  • Pipe spacing 125 or 250 mm
tempusGREEN 30-16 AB HF
Exemplary illustration of a floor structure
tempusGREEN AIO 30-16 AB HF

 tempusDRY GREEN 30-16 AB AIO

The all-in-one board is manufactured from sustainable wood fibres and is therefore harmless in terms of building biology. The milled grooves are prepared for the serpentine pipe layout, including the necessary changes in direction. The grooves are lined with aluminium heat fins.

  • Pleasant heat distribution in the floor
  • Ecological: no toxic pollutants
  • Rapid laying and pipe installation
  • Use of recyclable building materials
  • Harmless in terms of building biology
tempusGREEN AIO 30-16 AB HF
Exemplary illustration of a floor structure

Wood fibres – a natural lifestyle

No toxic substances

Only pure wood fibres without any environmentally incompatible components are compressed.

No environmental pollution

Only recyclable building materials which are harmless in terms of building biology are used.

Energetically fit for the future

Materials with optimal thermal and impact sound characteristics, which can be safely removed during renovations.

Our service management for you


Customer-focussed and from a single source

Your heated floor is our job! At herotec we can provide comprehensive advice as to which floor construction is the right one for you. Overcoming hurdles such as low installation height or difficult subsoil conditions are just part of our everyday business. With our heated floor technicians you get a partner on hand who understands his craft and will guide you to your individual surface heating system.


The latest planning tools for your heating comfort

Detailed planning is essential for an individual heated floor solution with an efficient mode of operation. This is where we make use of our modern digital herotec planning tools, which result in a comfortable surface heating system. Dead legs / dead end pipes or missing drawings for future building operations are now a thing of the past.


Installation of the entire surface construction by qualified specialists

The installation of a surface heating system must be precisely adapted to the site conditions and must conform to the design specifications – otherwise later problems are inevitable. For this reason, we only use qualified and trained technicians who proceed according to the current state of the art. This is how we ensure that you will also get the comfort you required.