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Sustainable and carbon neutral for a better future


Protecting the climate and the environment are essential for the future of our planet. Here at herotec, we take responsibility for our shared future. Today, both new construction and renovation projects have to meet strict environmental standards. At herotec, continuous development of environmentally-friendly products is at the heart of our corporate philosophy. We developed tempusDRY NATURE with the aim of creating a carbon neutral solution for underfloor, wall and ceiling heating. But that’s not all. By its nature, straw as a raw material offers a number of beneficial properties, including outstanding strength and load distribution, and intrinsic sound and heat insulation properties thanks to a high density of air pores. Making tempusDRY NATURE a sustainable, environmentally friendly, forward-thinking alternative.

Carbon neutral

Natural raw materials means no environmental impact

Environmentally friendly, natural raw materials.

Raw materials which regrow annually

The straw for the fibreboard is freely available as a natural, rapidly regrowing raw material.


Adhesive-free – mechanical clamp connection

The mechanical connection between the heat spreader plates and the straw fibreboard avoids the use of adhesive.


100% recyclable – fully separable

All components of tempusDRY NATURE are fully separable and 100% recyclable.




Our completely recyclable straw fibreboard achieves a higher environmental standard. The heat spreader plates are made of recyclable aluminium and are precisely fitted in milled grooves. tempusDRY NATURE can be used as a floor, wall or ceiling system.

  • Healthy building-compatible
  • Optimum heat distribution
  • 100% recyclable materials
  • Clip-in pipe fitting
  • Pipe centres 125 mm
Exemplary illustration of a floor structure

Keine Giftstoffe

Verpresst sind reine Holzfasern ohne ökologisch unverträgliche Komponenten.

Keine Umweltbelastung

Es werden ausschließlich recyclebare Baustoffe verwendet, die somit baubiologisch unbedenklich sind.

Energetisch fit für die Zukunft

Materialien mit optimalen Wärmedämm- und Trittschalleigenschaften, die bei Sanierungen unbedenklich entfernt werden können.

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