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Our service management for you

Everything from a single source

Our service management for you


Customer-focussed and from a single source

Your heated floor is our job! At herotec we can provide comprehensive advice as to which floor construction is the right one for you. Overcoming hurdles such as low installation height or difficult subsoil conditions are just part of our everyday business. With our heated floor technicians you get a partner on hand who understands his craft and will guide you to your individual surface heating system.


The latest planning tools for your heating comfort

Detailed planning is essential for an individual heated floor solution with an efficient mode of operation. This is where we make use of our modern digital herotec planning tools, which result in a comfortable surface heating system. Dead legs / dead end pipes or missing drawings for future building operations are now a thing of the past.


Installation of the entire surface construction by qualified specialists

The installation of a surface heating system must be precisely adapted to the site conditions and must conform to the design specifications – otherwise later problems are inevitable. For this reason, we only use qualified and trained technicians who proceed according to the current state of the art. This is how we ensure that you will also get the comfort you required.

The herotec heated floor partner concept


The professional customer advice on site by the heated floor technician is crucial. This is the way to find the best individual customer solution. The herotec team of experts is on hand to offer advice and support.


Planning is essential to create the optimal heated floor solution. Here the heated floor technician has recourse to the herotec digital planning tools, and develops a high-quality visualisation of the planned installation.


This is something that will please clients, architects and builders alike. We provide support during the tendering process and hand over a ‘one-stop’ tender for the complete floor build-up. No confusing division of interfaces, everything explained transparently and verifiably.

Floor build-up

The complete floor build-up will now be implemented by the heated floor technician. Everything from the levelling of the structural floor, the installation of the pipes, connection to the manifold, including the screed. This is now a task for a team centrally trained for this purpose. Everything is documented.


Keeping the client and architect informed about the progress of the work, sorting out problems on site together and having a listening ear – these are priorities in the herotec partner concept.


An important topic is the end-to-end documentation of the heated floor build-up. The client receives a report, in which the individual work stages are commented upon in text and pictures, and of course, in which the pressure test results and other quality checks are recorded.

Are you interested in funding options?

The funding options for surface heating and cooling in 2020 are better than ever!
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